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Objectives & Key Results

Interactive goal planning and immediate progress updates ensure that objectives and key results are tracked, measured and verified.

Goal Alignment

Effortlessly align goals. Cascade individual and team objectives that are aligned to the strategic goals of the organization.

Continuous Feedback

Employees can solicit and receive feedback from managers and peers at performance review time or any point in the year.

Team Analytics & Dashboards

Smartcove is the Performance Hub with immediate dashboard visibility of real-time team status and progress updates.

Personal Development

Drive personal development with targeted planning to nurture individual talents, and fully develop professional potential.

Values & Behaviours

Align individual behaviour to organizational values.  Define and recognise non-job specific behaviours that go beyond task competence.

Employee Performance.


Save time and improve performance visibility with online reviews and goals. Cloud based and super-simple, Performance Management is easy with Smartcove.

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